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Top 5 Pubs in Chandigarh

Chandigarh, the city designed by French Architect Le Corbusier, is the first planned modern city of India. With all the amenities of a modern city, it also offers you an exciting nightlife. Here you can find some excellent bars and pubs with all the excitements over glasses of drinks. The dimly lit environment with the lively DJ concerts will set the right mood for you. We enlist top 5 pubs in Chandigarh in this article; go hopping with your friends to enjoy life to the fullest.

1. Whisky 111

Whisky 111
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The hard wood floor and dark wooden furniture portray nothing but elegance in Whisky 111 at JW Marriott Hotel in sector 35B. It sets the apt background for the high-class liquors served here. The bar has 111 variants of liquors, a hint of which you can get from its name. Of 111 liquor delights, 74 are single malt.

If one has a high taste for liquors, Whisky 111 is the perfect place to explore. The plus point is that here you can find a liquor guide. Different appetizers are served to complement the drinks.

2. Aerizzona

Aerizzona in Sector 9D is on the favorite list of Gen Y due to its happening style and chic ambience. They organize themed programs, for example, Fridays are kept for Hip-Hop while Saturdays rock with the beats of Bollywood. Varieties of liquors are served here to set the right mood for the party; just pick up the glass of your choice and sing ‘Party all night’!

3. Kava

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The third choice is Kava in Sector 26, a dancing bar that offers huge space for partying. If you are a dedicated party lover and love to set your feet on the dancing beat, then Kava is the place for you. For drinking, here you can find some 30 varieties of single malt, dating to different times. Mouthwatering Indian and foreign dishes are there to accomplish the course of the evening. The pub has two VIP areas and two smoking circles.

4. Hops and Grains

So, you are a beer enthusiast? Then don’t miss Hops and Grains in sector 9, Chandigarh! Why? Because, there are few places you can find, where the beer is freshly brewed right before your eyes!

Yes! In Hops and Grains, the Australian barley, the German Hops and the French Yeast are combined to create the magical froth and fresh fragrance of country beer, which is not spoilt by the process of preservation. Dark, wheat, light and premium- four varieties of beer you can find here, and also Indian and Italian delicacies to make a complete delight for the evening.

5. Peddler’s Pub

Peddler’s Pub
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Peddler in Sector 35C is loved by the party folk because of the amazing things it offers to the customers. The DJ’s know very well how to set the crowd on rhythm and fill the air with vivacious tunes. The best part is the long Happy hours when you can get unbelievable offers like ‘buy 1 get 1 free’ etc.

This pub organizes functions in different styles. In some evenings you can hear the best DJs of India, while some evenings are reserved for celeb singers. And do you know what the most exciting part is? In some evenings, you can be the performer! Besides all these, there are wide varieties of liquors and steamy side dishes. So, don’t forget to visit while you are in Chandigarh.

Hope you liked the article and got some idea about the best pubs in Chandigarh. Visit these pubs to have the best experience of partying ever!