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Why I’ll Never Travel Without GPS

Navigating the intense infrastructure of the modern world can be a nauseatingly frustrating venture to engage (at least if you’re trying to do so without a global positioning system!). While I do have a certain respect for people that are skilled with reading maps, I think that most people would be at least a little lost without some sort of GPS assistance. Nothing is quite as useful as experience or living in an area, but lately I’ve been checking out the igo primo more than anything.


I know it makes me sound older than I am but the technology of today never ceases to amaze me. Just being able to access a widely used site like Google maps or MapQuest on so many different mobile devices is such a god send. © Todd Barnard.

I can’t speak for most of the world but I know that trying to make your way in an unfamiliar city without GPS can be one of the most demanding of incursions that one’s patience can undertake. I’m speaking from experience, and remember quite clearly circling the streets of Baltimore trying to find one specific building. GPS was eventually made available but even then it took a few minutes. I think that if I had the ‘igo primo’ with me then, I would have saved a great deal more of my time and patience, if nothing else, just for the accuracy and reliability of its service compared to most competitors.


I don’t have a subscription to ‘Wired’ magazine (I have so much mail and hardly enough time to read anything I enjoy as is!) but I know its one of the most influential and informative magazines available that caters to those who are interested in the world’s technological landscape. Clearly GPS has had some of the broadest impact out of the many innovations in recent years. © Pietro Zanarini.

Now in the case of India, I know that the extensive rural areas might have a problem with getting service due to how remote they can be from the major cities. However, it might also be easier for the satellite signals to reach areas that have less buildings to obstruct the connection. That said, I know that whenever I do finally get to take a vacation to India, I’ll definitely want to have multiple devices with GPS service practically attached to my body at all times.


This photo seems a little unassuming, at least that’s what I had initially thought when I first laid eyes on it, but the interesting thing about it is that this is actually an android emulator program for people to test out applications and programs on a computer without using an actual device. Surprising quality and detail for a feature I hadn’t even heard of last week! © Bryan Kemp.